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- Entrepreneurship

The company will be "quality of life, innovation as the driving force, the fundamental integrity" for the purpose, to achieve sustained, stable and healthy development.

- Management philosophy

Honesty: sincere and trustworthy
Quality: Quality first, qualification guaranteed.
Performance: performance first, and Global Arc excellence.
Harmony: unity, cooperation, and Global harmony.
Security: people-oriented, safety first.

- Enterprise Mission

Smart benefits for businesses: creating benefits for businesses, a love radium Evershine. Adhere to the scientific concept of development, improve corporate profitability, the pursuit of the business to maximize efficiency and sustainable development.
Smart value for customers: creating value for customers, a love of radium Evershine reflect the value. The pursuit of corporate value and consistency of customer value, providing customers with value-added services to enhance customer value and enterprise synchronization value.
Smart opportunities for employees: creating opportunities for staff, a love of radium Evershine business philosophy. Adhere to people-oriented, respect for the value of employees, trust staff capacity development for staff to Global Arc a platform that allows employees personal values ​​in enterprise development can be achieved.
Smart wealth for society: to Global Arc wealth for society, love is the ultimate goal of radium Shi. Conscientiously fulfill the economic and social responsibility, to Global Arc social wealth, social services, contributing to society, enterprise development and social harmony


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